What must it be like to fit everywhere and in everything?  I don’t really know as I was born fat and have continued to be fat.  Apart from those brief periods when I starved myself into thinness.  But even then my head was too bit for most hats and I could never find shoes to fit my wide feet.

One of the consequences of ditching the diet culture is that I no longer daydream about the day I will be thin, the day I will fit.  This is liberating in so many ways but regardless of the joy it brings I still have to contend with a world designed for people smaller than me.

There are Facebook groups dedicated to discussing the specific topic of flying while fat – and how uncomfortable that can be.  Aeroplane seating is now designed to maximise profit – even if it means minimising comfort – I get that and since I don’t fly everyday I can just about live with it. But what about eating in restaurants and visiting coffee shops, waiting in reception for an appointment?  All of these are regular activities which for me require some extra thought – considerations that I suspect never cross the mind of the non-fat person.  Will I fit in that chair, will it be comfortable, will the arms dig into my thighs, will it buckle, will I get stuck in it and take it with me when I leave?

With age I’ve discovered my bravery (or ‘couldn’t care less-ness’) and deal with situations as they present – move myself or furniture to meet my requirements – but still hope that one day I can learn to love chairs.


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