I bought myself a kettle bell whilst browsing in TK Maxx the other week.  It was all part of my strategy of being a fat woman browsing in the health and fitness aisles.  It amuses me that perhaps  to some I look like a fish out of water but that secretly I know what I am doing!

The kettle bell appealed as I like the idea of being a women who does strength training and have recently been inspired by lots of posts about aspiring fit fatties using weights to train.  I draw the line at joining a gym – I find them oppressive places – all that loud music and pressure to perform.  I know there is a class at the community centre but that is also a bit scary.  I much prefer more protected spaces – such as my back bedroom!

And so my kettle bell.  The idea is that I will do some light weight-lifting to  build a bit of upper-body strength.  I am realistic and don’t expect to be have contoured arms any time soon but understand that as an older woman I need to do something to maintain bone density.

An exercise sheet came with the bell and they are very do-able – but after a few days the initial enthusiasm seems to have worn off.  It does indeed live in the back bedroom and I go in there everyday for some reason or another and there it is  – on the linen basket.  I pick it up and halfheartedly do a couple of moves but that doesn’t feel enough.  Who can tell?  Perhaps this is all it takes? Not everything needs to be hard work and challenging.  And, remember, it is over and above anything else I am doing.

So I have decided I am going to be satisfied with that for the time being.  I am that woman – the one who does the kettle bell.



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