In a state

I'm going on holiday tomorrow and I realise that I am thinking many negative things about me, my clothes and how I will look in comparison to others.  We are going to Florida so it will be hot which means I will have to spend some time in skimpy clothing and maybe swimwear.  I have … Continue reading In a state


The skinny can’t help it

Sometimes I hate skinny people. I have no idea what it is like to be skinny and I know that I never will. I suppose the skinny have their moments of self-doubt, their moments of discomfort in a crowded place, their moments when they fear meeting new people, doing anything for the first time. Underneath … Continue reading The skinny can’t help it

Another January, another diet

January is the month of new diets, new eating regimes and ever more bizarre food restrictions.  We are bombarded with articles about lifestyle changes to enhance our health and well-being; magazines are full of meal plans and recipes which promise to  ensure we won't die any time soon.  It is all very exciting and everyone … Continue reading Another January, another diet

What are they thinking?

I finished with paid employment 12 months ago and have been celebrating the anniversary this week by starting a couple of volunteering opportunities.  Up to now I've avoided the idea of volunteering - mainly because people kept asking me what I was going to do with my time and the rebel in me decided that … Continue reading What are they thinking?