My morning, my hands

I went to a writing workshop a couple of months ago as part of an Arts Festival in my locality.  It was billed as a mindful writing workshop and was led by a Buddhist who told us it was about 'coming home to the body - where we live'.  I didn't understand that in relation … Continue reading My morning, my hands


Recycling is hard

We've been getting our parlour re-decorated.  This is the room that for almost 20 years has served as the stopping off point for stuff on the way to the charity shop.  It is the room that has housed the printer, the router and a fine selection of booze - 3 bottles of gin at the … Continue reading Recycling is hard


I caught half of a news item on Radio 4 about book weekends and how they could, in our busy, stressed society, become more popular than the more traditional spa weekend.  The woman being interviewed explained how it all started with her thinking that she wasn't reading as much as she wanted or would like.  … Continue reading Relax

Another January, another diet

January is the month of new diets, new eating regimes and ever more bizarre food restrictions.  We are bombarded with articles about lifestyle changes to enhance our health and well-being; magazines are full of meal plans and recipes which promise to  ensure we won't die any time soon.  It is all very exciting and everyone … Continue reading Another January, another diet

Christmas No 1

I was chatting with my sister the other evening. We were talking about Christmas parties, family traditions and generally about our low expectations for this time of the year. It used to bother me that somehow I didn't 'get' Christmas, the preparations, the anticipation, the gift-buying. I love putting up the decorations and bringing light … Continue reading Christmas No 1